Figure out what you would like to change or add to your yard. (i.e. new patio, BBQ island, fire pit, arbor, Cabana, lawn, planting area, pool, spa, seat wall, retaining wall, mow band, fountain). You and your partner should take time to walk your entire yard, and discuss your wish list. Ideas for a completed dream yard project. Your dream yard can be achieved in phases. It’s understandable that these days most people do not have the entire available budget needed to install all of the components to your dream yard at one time. Don’t stress about it, write down all of your ideas and call us for an initial meeting to discuss them. We will listen to your ideas, give you additional ideas to incorporate with your own, and prepare a budget for each item required. With correct planning your yard can be installed in phases without breaking the bank. Check back next month for the next phase to achieving your project.