There are many landscape/designers available in your area. First, you could get some referrals from someone that has used a particular designer in the past that you have seen, their design ideas implemented into an actual installed project. If you do not have anyone on any specific project in mind, you can always call our office for assistance. Second, set up a couple of meetings with different designers to get a couple of different ideas on your project…. their fees, and how specific you would like your drawing to be. You could have a designer prepare a standard drawing for a few hundred dollars, to a full set of drawings which will show exact materials, irrigation lines, drainage, installation specifications of each item, and this will cost you a few thousand dollars, depending on the size of your yard. Either investment is a plus in the future of your dream yard, because with a plan your yard can be installed in phases, and all items and preparations will not be missed that are critical for a future phase, being installed without damage to existing work.

Best regards,

Anselmo Goulart