Once you have a start date scheduled then you are ready for your project installation. Ask your contractor who will be on site to manage your project so that you can communicate with them during installation. Your project will likely follow these steps:

1. Demolition of existing items if required.
2. Sub-grade preparation and excavations.
2A. Pool/gunite/coping and tile.
3. Drainage.
4. Set up of hardscape areas and footings.
5. Hardscape installation.
6. Structure builds (i.e. BBQ’s, firepits, arbor walls).
7. Irrigation and drainage completion.
8. Planting & mulch.
9. Lawn installation.
10. Clean up.

Throughout your project you should always keep all changes in writing. Ask your contractor to provide you a cost and a written change order for any extra work that you request to be done. Most field project managers do not have the authority to make changes without the office approval. This will eliminate you being surprised with an invoice for extra work at the end of your project that you assumed had no cost attached. It will keep a positive relationship with your chosen company through the end of the project.