How to properly landscape and hardscape your beautiful lawn and concrete. Once all the designing, planning, and finally construction is done, most people breathe a sigh of relief as they admire their new yard. Naturally, you want your yard to stay in the same beautiful condition as it’s in that very first day. With regular upkeep that you can easily do on your own, your yard will stay in perfect shape.

The first few weeks after new landscaping is put in is crucial. Make sure you’re watering every single day, late afternoon or early morning. Plants often time go through shock when transplanted so if they seem a bit droopy at first, don’t give up on them. Most plants need only a good watering once a day to thrive in the summer and during the winter once every few days, especially if it’s raining. The exception to this rule is sod. Sod needs to be watered a couple of times a day for the first three weeks after it’s laid. This is vital for the grass to root in the dirt underneath. It’s also helpful to try and avoid walking on it for a couple of weeks. Weeding about twice a month is also going to keep your yard looking amazing. Weeds not only look bad, but they actually drain the resources from your surrounding plants. When you pull weeds, make sure you’re getting down all the way to the root so they are less likely to return.

Hardscape work is just as easy to maintain. Concrete simply needs a good power washing every few months. Even using the hose on a hard spray will do the trick. When there are stains a bit of sand and a non-metallic brush will work wonders. However, using a power washer on stone and rock is not such a great idea. Just using a regular dish soap and running water over your work is going to keep it nice and shiny. Also, make sure the drainage around your hardscape work is clear. Excess water can cause your stones to shift and become hazardous.