Once you have finalized your plans with your designer it’s time to contact a couple of companies for installation costs. Make sure you contact licensed contractors to bid on your project. It’s important to use licensed contractors to protect yourself and your property. Licensed contractors are required by the state to carry Workman’s Compensation AND Liability insurance to perform any work on your home over $500.00 in value. Find a company by contacting the BBB, local trade magazine ads, internet, friend or neighbor referral. When you meet with each of the company representatives, ask them all questions that are on your mind regarding your type of project (i.e. duration of each phase, examples of work, availability, etc). You should be comfortable talking with the person that you are meeting with, not everyone clicks and if you don’t feel right with the person, you should send them an email shortly after your meeting and just let them know that you have decided to go a different route in your project and you will not be requiring their proposal. This will be appreciated by the contractor, because he will not be spending his valuable time on a project for which he will not be considered. Once you have acquired your proposals then it’s time to move into the contracting phase.